I'm not sure this is the right place to ask (maybe SO meta should get developer's attention quicker?).

I created my account on French SE today. I signed in with Google, and my account got created instantly. Except, some details were missing:

  • My username was not automatically set. I was user945 for a while and asked to change it manually.
  • I did not get my 100 points bonus.
  • About me and other fields of my profile are not imported.


  • The 'accounts' field of my user page shows correctly all the other 17 acocunts I have on SE.

It is not the first time I create an account on the SE network, I usualy proceed in that exat manner (sign in -> click on Google icon -> Takes me to Google page where I'm prompted to accept -> voilà).

I wonder if it's a bug, as I don't really have the means to reproduce it, or if I missed some step by mistake. How can I get the issue resolved?

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There are currently problems with association, and it is being looked at. Thanks for reporting the issue!

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You're now good to go, the association bonus backfill took care of things here.

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  • Thanks a lot Nick! – rahmu Mar 15 '12 at 10:41

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