In my answer to the question Comment traduire « To be on fire » ?, I noticed Gilles added an image reference to the cartoon Asterix.

Which is totally appropriate, and as a matter of fact I wanted to add the exact same image myself, but I felt that adding a copyrighted image would not be allowed by the license used for the SE sites.

Was I wrong, and if so, how?


As far as I understand, fair use (the US legal doctrine for uses that are permitted of a work covered by copyright) does allow such an illustration, which does not detract the audience of the cited work.

Evpok is right, I should have added the attribution — especially as the intent is to entice readers into reading Astérix, which is an icon of French culture and an interesting and funny source of insights into the French language.


According to the US legislation, I think it could be considered as fair use. According to the French Code de la propriété intellectuelle

Lorsque l'oeuvre a été divulguée, l'auteur ne peut interdire : […] 3° Sous réserve que soient indiqués clairement le nom de l'auteur et la source :

a) Les analyses et courtes citations justifiées par le caractère critique, polémique, pédagogique, scientifique ou d'information de l'oeuvre à laquelle elles sont incorporées

So as long as the author's name and the source are mentionned (wich is not the case as I write) I don't think it infringes copyright. But I am not a legist.

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