If we design some nice sidebar ads, perhaps based on our cool 1920's posters motif, can we get them promoted in the sidebar like the ones I've seen for Parenting (another beta site)?

I'm really addressing this to a mod like @RobertCartaino or @cabbey as I'm not sure what the process is for getting this happening or how Parenting did it. Even they don't seem to really know. :-D

  • I got the semi-official word that it was a one-time thing. I don't get the feeling that there's a plan to do it again. Apr 30, 2012 at 18:02
  • That sucks. :-)
    – Jez
    Apr 30, 2012 at 18:33

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Sur Code Review (un autre site en béta) nous avons simplement "volé" l'idée de Programming Puzzles & Code Golf (qu'ils ont probablement volés ailleurs!) et créé une "méta-question" (ici) permettant aux membres de la communauté de soumettre des publicités et de voter pour les meilleures; la publicité gagnante s'est retrouvée publiée sur Stack Overflow et Programmers.StackExchange - ces sites ont une "méta-question" portant l'étiquette , qui existent justement à cet effet.

On Code Review (another beta site), we simply stole Programming Puzzles & Code Golf's idea (which was probably "stolen" from somewhere else!) and created a meta-question (here), allowing community members to create, and submit ads, and vote for the best ones; the winning entry was published on Stack Overflow and Programmers.StackExchange - these sites have a meta-question tagged with , which exists specifically for that purpose.

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