I know this is not directly related to the French Stack Exchange, but I think that since this is the place where French experts are, the post is something that belongs here.

Since not everybody follows the Stack Overflow Meta and that (I think) most french experts are here on this site, I would like you to see the new French Career Stack Overflow site. There is a post on the meta that is asking for feedback about translations and French usage on the Career site.

Here is a part of the meta post!

We have a few native French speakers here at Stack Exchange, but we’d love your help in finding bugs, awkward translations, and anything that doesn’t feel right to our French users. There are a few specific things we need your help [...]

Comme tout le monde ne suit pas le meta Stack Overflow et que je pense que la plupart des experts de la langue française se trouvent ici (sur le site de français), j'aimerais vous introduire au nouveau site de carrière de Stack Overflow. Il y a présentement un « post » sur le meta qui demande notre avis sur les traductions et l'usage du français!


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