I was wondering if a user, once they accumulate 1000 reputation points, is still rewarded 2 reputation points per question or answer edited.

I'm a bit confused about that as I have already edited two texts since I reached the 1000 reputation mark, for which, apparently, I have not been given any more reputation points.

Any explanation for this would be greatly appreciated.

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Once a user reaches 1000 on the beta French SE site, they no longer receive +2 rep for editing posts.

Suggested edits created by users under 1000 rep are awarded +2 rep if accepted because they have now made a contribution that is considered useful by 2 users with a high level of reputation.

Editing posts (after 1000 rep) is almost considered to be a duty. The SE model works on the theory of community moderation.

From the privilege section on editing posts:

What is edit questions and answers?

We believe in the power of community editing. That means once you've generated enough reputation, we trust you to edit anything in the system without it going through the peer review system. Not just your posts—anyone's posts!

When should I edit posts?

Any time you feel you can make the post better, and are inclined to do so. Editing is encouraged!

  • Then I am bound by my duty to continue it. Thanks for the info.
    – user2420
    Jul 25, 2013 at 17:28
  • 1
    @indoxica This is solely how I interpret it. Other users may have other things to say about it. They may not see it as a duty that you have to continue. It depends on how much you want to contribute to the site really. Jul 25, 2013 at 17:30

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