I'd assume the use of “community” on the French Language website refers to the French Language community. However, some blogs posts from other wild lands of the SE empire regularly make their way to its “Bulletin”.

The return of CodingHorror is maybe relevant to me and a few others who have been active in other parts of the empire, but I don't think that it is of special interest to most French Language users or leachers… who might not even have a clue, after reading the blog post, of what kind of horror has come back.

On the other hand, I can imagine a few blog posts form different sources to be relevant. For example would-be “meta” related blog posts from other language sites, or maybe posts from linguistics. Maybe from the TeX SE blog, concerning French typography, etc.

Why not to put acceptance of any kind of external blog posts to our Bulletin on a vote somehow?

Any other suggestions?

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The community bulletin displays up to four items, with decreasing priority:

See the main meta for the precise selection rules.

Blog posts from the main Stack Exchange site that have the stackoverflow tag are excluded. The Return of CodingHorror post doesn't have this tag. It isn't just about CodingHorror (which is of interest to programmers), generic Stack Exchange topics were also discussed, such as the new Android app and the new Space site.

There is no provision to feature blog posts from another site. Feeding one other site's blog should be doable, but I don't know that it is desirable: after all, it's the Linguistics/TeX/… blog, most posts would be as irrelevant here as the SO blog posts. Filtering interesting posts only sounds complex. You can post interesting links in the chat room — but I admit that it gives even less visibility than the chat room.

There's no way for moderators to push a link onto the bulletin, except for events (which have specific start and end times). That would be nice.

Le panneau d'affichage contient jusqu'à quatre entrées, avec par priorité décroissante :

Voir the main meta pour des règles plus détaillées.

Il n'est pas possible d'y afficher des messages de blog d'autres sites. Cela devrait être techniquement faisable, mais je ne vois pas vraiment l'intérêt : ce seraient des messages concernant la linguistique, TeX, … qui seraient pour la plupart tout autant hors-sujet. Filtrer les messages de blog intéressants me paraît compliqué. Chacun peut poster des liens qu'il juge intéressant dans le salon de clavardage, mais j'admet que cela ne leur donne pas beaucoup de visibilité.

Les modérateurs ne peuvent pas ajouter un lien de leur choix au panneau, à part les évènements du salon (qui ont des heures précises de début et de fin). C'est dommage.

  • So let's have this meta question in the community bulletin. Ça serait bien si elle avait 3,640 upvotes !
    – None
    Apr 23, 2014 at 18:08

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