My answer here was edited twice to replace the word sandwiches with sandwichs. However, dictionaries say both spellings are acceptable.

I asked the second person who edited my answer why it had been changed a second time, but didn't receive a reply.

I would like to roll back the answer to my original one, however I am uncertain whether this would be considered appropriate, especially because the second person to edit my answer is a moderator.

Thank you.

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    Sorry, I was not aware you had already edited your answer. The spelling sandwiches is not common anymore and it hardly makes sense both pronunciation-wise and because it comes from a proper name. In my mind it was simply a mistake due the alternation of languagues. Do as you please. Jun 30, 2015 at 10:25

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You get primary editorial control to your post in most cases, especially for an answer (for a question, ownership is a bit more diluted because a question's title and tags serve for the whole thread). For something like spelling variants which are formally correct, you definitely get to choose. The edits to change sandwiches to sandwichs were not appropriate, though excusable as the sandwiches spelling is perhaps not universally known¹. Feel free to roll back that edit.

Don't engage in a rollback war — if someone (no matter who) keeps reverting your edit, flag for moderator attention.

¹ Google Ngrams shows that the -es plural was more common through most of the 20th century, but the regular -s plural has about caught up, and regular plurals for imported words have been systematically correct for a long time, so some people always use them.

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