What I mean is: I'm asking a question about topic A, during the course of which I use word which I'm not too happy with. I don't want it to become the topic of my question, and it's probably not worth a question of its own, but I would like to indicate that I'm aware that the word is sub-optimal, and that I'm open and eager for suggestions/corrections.

Any ideas?

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I quite like what Gilles did here, using something like this1 to indicate this.

1 I'm open to suggestions.

In this case, for me it would be quite acceptable for someone to step in, and edit directly. That way I'd be notified of the edit (I believe). The only thing is that nobody else would benefit from this little nugget of wisdom. Maybe that's not a big deal?

Of course, ideally we could agree on a convention which would obviate the need for the actual footnote, and just have something like this#.

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    Maybe when editing to suggest a better word, we should take the habit to just strike the old word rather than removing it altogether?
    – Joubarc
    Aug 19, 2011 at 6:45

Here's a simple solution: put a question mark between parentheses after the word.

La porte n'est pas ouverte ; elle est donc close (?).

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