Following on from keithjgrant's comment here.

Assuming that tags will be in French (which I believe they should), should they include the definite article? I.e. grammaire or la grammaire?

(I say grammaire, what say you?)

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    la-grammaire sounds as weird as the-grammar would. Why on earth would one even consider la-grammaire? Aug 18, 2011 at 20:45

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I'd say grammaire, without any hesitation. la grammaire just sounds wrong to my internal grammar.


Same here, I don't see the point in having extraneous characters in tags which don't have any added value. I'd pick "grammaire" over "la grammaire" any time.

Same way I would also pick "traduction" over "traduction-en-fr" as, as discussed elsewhere it's the only one we'll deal with anyway.


By definition of what is a word, there's no reason a keyword should be two words.

It is not a “keynoun”, and therefore there's no question whether nouns should get an article or not: it is a keyword, and words do not need articles. On the contrary, if you add an article, it's not one word anymore.

Definition: Word: “the smallest free form that may be uttered in isolation with semantic or pragmatic content” (Wikipedia EN)

In the French Wikipedia: “suite de signes […] pouvant être distingués par un séparateur (blanc typographique à l'écrit, pause à l'oral)” - Wikipédia FR. The Académie Française's dictionary is not as specific with the separator, but its definition does not conflict with Wikipedia's.

Ok, I think that's enough formal justification for what everyone agreed on by gut feeling  ;)

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