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Questions about answers: how to answer, whether specific answers are appropriate, and so forth.

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Answering in the other language

I feel confident in my ability to comprehend French, but can express myself much more clearly in English. However, for questions written in French, the question asker may not be able to understand the ...
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Should we point regionalisms in answers ?

I have started browsing French.SE recently and as a French Canadian noticed that quite a few users write in France french. The matter of questions about regionalisms has been brought up on meta but ...
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Comments or complete answer?

It seems this question hasn't been asked on this meta (or I was not able to find it): is it allowed (or good, or acceptable) to provide an answer in the comments? This question has been asked on ...
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Pseudo-answers are bad

Stack Exchange prides itself in having high quality content, therefore "making the Internet a better place." It's why I take issue with the answers to this question: Comment perdre l'accent qu&#...
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Disagreements and partial answers

I'm trying to get a coherent “result” for the following question(s): How to understand "Je m'en vais."? There was a first answer (by myself) and an other answer (by Circeus) combining ...
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I submitted an answer considered to be bad - should I delete it?

I submitted an answer to a question and this answer was down voted. I understand why, as the information was not useful. I am completely fine with this. (Other than the fact I feel badly for ...
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Principes d'accès aux réponse supprimées

Je ne savais pas que l'on pouvait faire disparaitre les réponses. Il y avait toujours accès aux réponses supprimées, mais sur la page « Sens de « ne t'en fais pas d'autres » », il y ...
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Why was this flag declined?

This answer was brought to my attention by a late answer marked for review. I look for duplicates or comments when I see late answers, and I noticed the recent late answer would benefit from ...
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