Questions tagged [suggested-edits]

Questions about the suggested edit process, which allows users without editing privileges to "suggest" edits, to be reviewed by users with editing privileges.

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Modification refusée par moi, mais acceptée à la fin

Pour cette réponse, j'ai refusé la modification (version 2), car je croyais que c'était une injuste révision de l'opinion de l'auteur quant à la description de la particularité du français décrit. ...
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Bug in "suggested edits" review list

While going into the "review" tab, to review items, I noticed this: It explicitly specifies that a user needs at least 1k rep to approve or reject "Suggested Edits". It says that Andrea made 2 ...
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Are edits rewarded with reputation points beyond the 1k mark?

I was wondering if a user, once they accumulate 1000 reputation points, is still rewarded 2 reputation points per question or answer edited. I'm a bit confused about that as I have already edited two ...
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Edit queue empty but there is one pending edit — Une modification est proposée et pourtant la queue est vide

D'après la barre de notification en haut du site (pour les utilisateurs ayant 2000 rep), il y a une modification proposée. Pourtant, quand je clique sur le ➀, la queue est vide. Hopes this support ...
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Should the "at least 6 characters" edit rule be relaxed?

I am glad that many non-natives post try their best to write their questions in French, and I am sure that many natives like me are very willing to correct them, and help them improve. PROBLEM: After ...
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