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L'étiquette [phrase]

Je viens de découvrir l'existence de l'étiquette phrase. Je pense qu'on fait mieux de supprimer l'étiquette de ces questions et la remplacer par locutions ; c'est évident que les PO ont voulu référer ...
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Can we create tag synonyms for [écriture-inclusive]?

Lately I've been checking tags on French SE to see if everything was being used and if we needed to do a cleanup. I saw the [écriture-inclusive] tag, which is relevant and might be used more and more ...
3 votes
1 answer

Synonymizing “usage-de-mots” and “usage” tags

Would there be any reason to keep separate tags usage-de-mots and usage? I can't see any difference in meaning. (The usage tag is already vague and difficult enough to figure out on its own… Usage, ...
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Origine n'est pas synonyme d'étymologie

L'étymologie est une discipline qui s'attache à retrouver le sens premier d'un mot ou d'une unité syntaxique à partir de ses racines lexicales. Or, la plupart des questions actuellement taguées ...
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2 answers

Tag descriptions and synonyms / Bien démarrer notre système d'étiquettes

We now have reached the point where a few users (and many more to come) have enough rep to approve tag edits, and suggest synonyms. The latter, in particular, is very important to do early in the site’...