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Non-breaking spaces and punctuation on Stack Exchange

Not exactly ultra-high priority, but given that in French you're supposed to put non-breaking spaces before some punctuation (: ; ? !), what are we going to do about it? Type them in manually? Ask ...
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Rule for quotes — Règle concernant l'usage des guillemets

The usage I've seen commonly is the following: Guillemets: French Doublequotes: French & English Singlequotes: English Is it worth codifying some sort of rule for which quotes you can use ...
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Typography/style conventions

As some questions (Rule for quotes, When giving IPA codes and a translation, which comes first ?, Do not use code blocks for quoting) and some chat conversations are dealing with particular typography ...
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Quelles sont les conventions typographiques ayant cours sur french.SX ?

J'ai pu remarquer que nous étions plusieurs à être à cheval sur la typographie. Cependant, nous ne semblons pas tous nous baser sur les mêmes conventions. J'ai pu voir par exemple aujourd'hui deux ...
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