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I work for a company that develops and sells ShellBoost, a component that allows developers to write Shell Namespace Extensions and Files On-Demand drives (aka OneDrive-like) easily using .NET languages. These extensions are out-of-process (.exe) so they don't crash Explorer and they follow Microsoft's hard recommendation to avoid injecting the CLR into Windows Explorer process.

I'm also the developer of the free tool, a "Magic Number" database. It contains about 350000 values and names, int, guids, IIDs, PKEY, strings, windows messages, etc. heavily used in Windows APIs. Type a value, it will return the corresponding constants, and vice versa.

I can also develop custom code on the Microsoft platform (C#, C/C++, .NET, COM, DirectX, Direct2D, Direct Composition, Interop, P/Invoke, Web, Desktop, Mobile, etc.) in any domain. Don't hesitate to ping me.

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