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Comment encourager les gens à écrire en français? How to encourage people to write in French?
9 votes

The policy proposed by Gilles is understandable. Thought it is not what we want. We want to promote our site and let the community run it. Many people from the SEN may not understand French, or just a ...

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Utility of the [grammaire] tag
5 votes

I'm pretty sure that "Conjugaison" is absolutely grammar. On the contrary maybe we can have "orthographe" question on "pluriel", "préposition" and other. So maybe this tag can be useful to refine ...

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What Happens to Our Privileges When We Go to Public Beta?
4 votes

As far as I saw with the graduation from public beta to full site on security.stackexchange.com, you lose all privileges if you do not have the new privileges requirements. I bet this is the same ...

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About questions answered but without an accepted answer
2 votes

The accept-rate is already there to take care of the user not accepting their answers. So even if it could be tempting to do something about it, but it's not a good idea. This is not the job of the ...

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What should our logo and site design look like? Idées de conception visuelle du site
0 votes

So to come up with a first idea, I've was looking on some article in wikipedia. Here they have a icon for the subject on the "francophonie", which turns to be the official logo displayed on flag of ...

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